Call for Posters

The ISCRAM 2016 poster session will provide an opportunity to interact informally with conference attendees, using a standard-size poster as a visual aid (see instructions below). Presenting a poster is also a good way in which to discuss and receive feedback on a research in progress that has not been fully developed into a paper. To facilitate this interaction, the ISCRAM 2016 poster session will be held in areas where foot traffic is expected to be high.



Deadline: 29 January 2016

All submissions of poster proposals must be uploaded to the conference’s online submission system: Please upload through the dedicated Posters track in Conftool.

For your poster to be considered, we invite you to submit a poster proposal, which is limited to two pages, and follow guidelines below. The poster proposal should include the following four sections (and no others).

  1. Title / Author / Affiliation

  2. Statement of Topic

  3. Abstract

  4. References

 Please use the proposal template found here: ISCRAM-2016_PosterProposalTemplate

 Poster proposals do not undergo blind review, so name, affiliation and email address should be included. Proposals will be evaluated based on significance, relevance, and clarity.


Conditions of Acceptance

Posters should not be previously published or based on a previous poster. A list of the poster titles and authors will be included in the conference proceedings and the program. However, posters are not published in the conference proceedings.

Poster Guidelines

You may find it useful to examine the following guidelines on preparing an effective poster (, visited on Aug. 19th, 2015).

The maximum dimensions for a poster are expected to be approximately 100 cm high by 60 cm wide. Written text should be readable from a distance of about 2 meters. That is approximately a minimum of about 20-point font, but larger is always better. Please do not feel obligated to consume the entire surface of the poster stand.

For questions please contact: