Call for Workshops

Workshops offer an informal environment for attendees with common interests and diverse perspectives to engage in rich discussions around works in progress or new areas of research and on challenges and solutions driven by practitioners and end-users. 

We invite submissions on workshops focusing on the technologies, procedures, approaches, methods and tools that can be employed to improve crisis response and management in an increasingly complex and dynamic world. Workshop attendants will exchange ideas and experience, establish common ground in research areas or practical problems, and hopefully identify new opportunities for collaboration and new directions for future activities. 

Creative and critical reflections are welcome. 

The Workshop chair is expected to: 

  • Define areas of particular interest for ISCRAM and in relation to the Conference Theme
  • Communicate with prospective authors
  • Solicit and read papers submissions
  • Recruit reviewers for papers submissions
  • Manage the review process for the workshop, enforcing deadlines and selection of papers
  • Final planning of workshops with agenda and printing of papers for attendees
  • Moderate the workshop at the ISCRAM 2016 conference

ISCRAM 2016 will offer logistic support for the workshops: registration, catering, room allocation and audio/visual will be arranged by the conference organizers. 

We look forward to receiving your workshop proposal! 

Deadline: 20 November 2015


The workshop proposals must include: 

  • A title.
  • The names, affiliations and brief bio of the organizers (including a description of their qualifications relative to the topic area, and past experience in organizing/facilitating workshops or research meetings); take into account that a typical workshop should count no more than three co-chairs affiliated with different organizations. Name one organizer as the primary contact.
  • Proposed duration of the workshop – half or full day. The organizers may exceptionally consider well justified 2-day workshops.
  • Preference for a date – although you should consider that the proposal must not be conditioned on the workshop date, since it is likely that some workshops will not get their preferred date.
  • A statement of the workshop: objective/goals.
  • A statement detailing: Why is the workshop topic important? Why is the workshop timely?
  • A two-paragraph description of the workshop topic and themes.
  • List any other related or same workshops being conducted in the same year, or that were conducted, at any other venues.
  • A description of the workshop format: How many papers do you expect to have, how many invited speakers, type of activities (e.g., short paper presentation, invited talks, demos, posters, etc.), and an approximate timeline (breaks should be synchronized with scheduled breaks if possible.)
  • A description of how workshop submissions will be evaluated, and a tentative PC list (with indication of whether PC members have already been contacted and/or have expressed interest.)
  • An indication on whether the workshop registration will be open to all interested registered parties or limited.


Submit your proposal by email to


The workshop selection process is competitive and a limited number of new workshops will be accepted. Criteria for acceptance are relevance to the conference and this year’s theme, topicality, significance, ambition and quality. 

For More Information

For any information regarding the workshops, please contact

Workshops Co-chairs

  • Maria Luiza M. Campos, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (
  • Vaninha Vieira, Universidade Federal da Bahia, Brazil (